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What is search engine optimization?

Many are the times people enter items they want to search in search engines. Most people will enter the websites that appear on the first page of the results. Very few people will go to the next page. There is a criterion that the search engines use to put sites on the first page. To put a site on the first page of search engines, a website has to employ Minneapolis SEO techniques. SEO is the process and techniques applied to make a page visible on the first page of search engines. In simple terms, search engine optimization helps direct traffic towards a certain website.

Textual content

The most important thing people need to know about search engines is that they do not perceive search engines the same way humans do. Humans will be attracted to a site that has high graphic content. Seo services minneapolis do not rank websites using this criteria. Search engines are text driven. The textual content in a website is very important as far as ranking of websites is concerned. Search engines make use of crawlers. These crawl the various websites with a certain keyword that a user has entered. This has to be in text form. It is therefore vital to create a website with description in text form for the crawlers to find your site.


The first process after a user enters the search item is called crawling. Crawlers of the search engine you are using crawl the internet in an effort to find what the user might be interested in. crawlers are also referred in facebook SEO as spiders. The crawlers move from site to site indexing each site as they perform their function. Web pages are too many to be visited by the crawlers daily. So a crawler may end up not visiting a site based on the results of the last time it was there. Crawlers only see information in text form. Images, java script, protected pages and directories are not relevant to crawlers. Sites which are rich in these are literally non-existent to search engine crawlers.


After sites have been crawled, they are indexed. The contents are indexed and the information in some kind of database. Information can only be retrieved if it is in the database. Indexing is the process of identifying words or phrases that give a description of a given webpage. It is important to note it is not possible for a human to process all that information and store it in such a short time. Search engines are not always correct in interpreting the information in page. That is why pages have to be optimized; so that the search engines can interpret the information correctly.

Processing and retrieving

The final steps before results are displayed are processing and retrieving. The search engine processes information in the sites. It checks their relevance. After all this the most relevant results are displayed on the results pages.